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Coil Edge Board Machinery
Wrap Around Edge Board Machinery ensures excellent performance with maximum speed of 60m/min. It comes to design durable angle board, wrap around paper corner guard and edge board for packaging.
Paper Slitter and Rewinder
Paper Slitting and Rewinder is perfect for slitting rolls of laminate films, decorative papers, PVC, etc. It is available with modern air expender and rolls holding features to wind the rolls straight.
Honeycomb Core machine
The inner part of the Dunnage Bag is designed using PA (Nylon) and outer using kraft paper, PE and PP Woven. This can be easily inflated and deflated speedily for preventing the leakage after filling.
Corrugated Honeycomb Core Machine
Honeycomb Core Machine is developed for the joint of adopted PUR adhesive for providing the best results. It comes with excellent advantages like no distortion, advanced index and no desquamation.
Honeycomb Board Laminating Machine
This Honeycomb Board Machine is designed to work on the paper rolls having width of 1300--2300 mm. It is available with easily adjustable alignment device for simple and fast settings.
Cardboard Slip Sheet  Machine
This modern Laminating Machine is available with PLC to ensure easy operation with trouble shot features during production. It is ideal for excellent laminating of the bottom cardboard with top paperboard.
Honeycomb Board Slitting machine
This sturdy Honeycomb Board is available in the thickness range of 3mm-13mm. It is waterproof and shockproof in nature designed with moisture resistant features. In addition to this, it is also UV and dust proof.
Edgeboard Die Notching Machine
Notching Machine is a special cutting equipment widely utilized in the processing of sheet metal edge or corner for electrical appliances, metal cabinet body, decorative materials, etc. It comes with durable hydraulic system to ensure reliable performance.
Edge board Recutter
This durable and ergonomically designed Paper Furniture is designed to be used in chain stores, shops, exhibitions, supermarkets, advertising, etc. It is easy to use and maintain for years to come.
Honeycomb board die cutting machine
This durable Air Cushion Bag is available in transparent color to be used in different sectors. It is developed using eco-friendly and anti-static film to ensure maximum life.

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